The Methodist Church takes Safeguarding very seriously. We have trained Safeguarding Officers  in each of our churches, together with a Circuit Co-ordinator and a District Safeguarding Officer. All of our paid staff, Clergy, local church officers, Local Preachers and those working with children, young people and vulnerable adults are required to have on-going Safeguarding Training and a current DBS check. 

For any Safeguarding concerns or questions you might have, in the first instance contact your local Church Minister or church Safeguarding Officer. They would be interested to talk to anyone who has concerns about any matter within our churches and Circuit. You can also contact the District Safeguarding Officer or The Methodist Church Safeguarding Team.

Safeguarding Contacts

Superintendent Minister - Rev. Teddy Kalongo  e-mail Teddy

Circuit Safeguarding Officer - Anna Wheatley e-mail Anna

Bristol District Safeguarding Officer - Kevin Maidment e-mail Kevin  07925894649

Safeguarding Policy Documents

All policies are updated annually and approved by the Circuit Meeting.

Circuit Safeguarding Policy                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Circuit Safeguarding poster 2020

Annual Safeguarding checklist for churches

Local Church Safeguarding Officer Role Description 

Safeguarding checklist for external user groups - November 2020

Keeping our personal information safe during lockdown - April 2020

Staying safe on-line during lockdown - April 2020

Cyber advice produced by the Metropolitan Police - April 2020 

Circuit Complaints Process 2020

Domestic Abuse

Methodist Church Guidelines for identifying, preventing and reporting Domestic Abuse