Resources for Local Arrangements

Due to the availability of Preachers the Circuit is needing to plan more Local Arrangements for local churches. This page offers a range of resources to help churches plan for such services.

A monthly 'Support for Local Arrangements Sheet' will be issued providing seasonal resources for the next 2 months ahead.

Issue 3 - Monday 1st November

Reflections on the Lectionary Readings

A reflection is prepared each week by one of our Local Preachers and will be posted here 10 days before the Sunday.

Sunday 28th November - reflection provided by Adam Biddlestone 

Resources for Special Sundays

A number of resources are prepared by other organizations to promote important festivals and Sundays which highlight important issues. They do not have to be used on the set Sunday. Please remember to acknowledge the source of the resources.

All Saints Sunday - 31st October or 7th November

Liturgy of intercession and thanksgiving - written by Adam Biddlestone

Reflection on Mark 14 verses 3 - 9 - prepared by Adam Biddlestone