"Our Calling is to increase our awareness of God's presence                                              and celebrate God's love."

Our Vision and Aims

Our vision is for our churches to provide high quality worship that transforms individuals and communities to be gospel people of joy, social concern, giving, care and mission.

We support this by

  •  providing preachers across the circuit 
  • resourcing worship leaders and preacher
  • providing opportunities for sharing good practice and leaning for presbyters, deacons, local preachers and worship leaders
  • encouraging a wider variety of worship styles, in order to reach a wider variety of people of all ages
  • enabling worship in a wider variety of places and at a wider variety of time in order to reach new people
  • promoting an increase in ecumenical worship and learning from the world church
  • working towards an increase in the number of people in churches involved in leading high quality worship


Introduction and resources on the theme of Lament - prepared by Rev. Dr, Simon Edwards 

Reflections for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - prepared by David Carter



Leaders of Worship And Preachers Trust

ROOTS resources for Preachers

Preach - magazine for preachers produced by LWPT

 Singing The Faith Plus - On-line resources linked to the new Singing The Faith hymn book

The Real Easter Egg resources

The Word Became Brick - Bible stories using Lego figures